Keilly: Safari 3 Public Beta vs Dashcode Public Beta

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Safari 3 Public Beta vs Dashcode Public Beta

I just installed the Safari 3 Public Beta, it's very nice but without AdBlock and to a lesser extent Greasemonkey it's never going to replace Firefox. Anyway, after firing up Dashcode Public Beta I noticed that there are rendering problems. Just creating a simple widget and resizing the front design is suddenly very problematic. I suppose Safari 3 has an updated version of Webkit that Dashcode Beta isn't ready for.

Uninstalling Safari 3 fixes things with Dashcode. A bit of a pity as Safari 3 was noticeably quicker that Safari 2 and much much faster than Firefox.

Incidentally, maybe a bonus reason for the release of Safari on Windows is to increase the number of plugins available. Plugins are certainly a big differentiator between Firefox and the other browsers, and while Safari is marginalized only on OSX it won't get the volume of [quality] plugins developed by 'the community' that Firefox does.

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Avi said...

Thanks for the helpful post! I was having the same problem with Dashcode but wasn't sure that it was due to Safari 3. Now I know.

BTW, there's another big reason that Firefox will have better plugins than Safari for a good while: it has a robust, documented, supported API for its extensions; while Safari just has people hacking and reverse-engineering stuff.