Keilly: Leopard Compatibility

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Leopard Compatibility

I've just upgraded to Leopard. Here's how my widgets fare:

ZX Spectrum - 100% OK
BBC ListenAgain - 100% OK

SOWPODS Word Checker - Updated to version 1.2 now 100% OK
Word Finder - Updated to version 1.1 now 100% OK

TrackIt - Updated to version 1.1. now OK.

Hopefully I'll have updates soon. It'll be nice to use the full release of Dashcode for the first time.


AD Aqua said...

Hi, I have got a problem with leopard 10.5.1. When I am in the widget mode,it works fine. But after I set up ok and leave the widget mode to my desktop, the sound stops playing. I don't know why. Can you fix it?

Anonymous said...

Hello. I've got the same problem as ad aqua and Leopard 10.5.1. Functions in widget mode but not otherwise. Nice widget though, so a solution would be

Anonymous said...

Found Real Player 10 and replaced the Real Player 11 beta and now it works like I'm used to. Happy again

Anonymous said...

I am still using Tiger and the Scrabble widgets don't work. The text box is cut off on the bottom. Both of them have this problem. If you want to see pictures of them, I can email the files.

Neil Cochrane said...

Hi Nick,
Are you using the new ones or the old ones?
I know that Tiger recently had an update that should bring its webkit up to Leopards standard (in which case use the new widgets). If you haven't installed this then use the old versions.
Both are listed on the product pages of this website.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I've downloaded the most recent software update. The widgets still aren't appearing right.

Neil Cochrane said...

Sorry Nick, but I can't work with Tiger anymore as I've upgraded to Leopard.
But just to be clear: you've tried the new and old versions of the widgets on Tiger and they're both cut off on the bottom?

Ad Aqua - there will be a new version of ListenAgain in the next few days.

Anonymous said...

not the entire widget, just the text boxes.

Neil Cochrane said...

I'm sorry, but I no longer have access to Tiger so I can no longer maintain widgets on 10.4.
If anyone would like to fix them I would be happy to host them here.