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Monday, January 26, 2009

My Caltrain iPhone App

Update: My Caltrain has been updated an re-issued by Wendy Ju as CaltrainSchedule. Enjoy!

For riders of the San Francisco peninsula Caltrain: a new iPhone app to show the upcoming times of trains at your stations.
You tell it the stations you're interested in and the directions that you usually travel and the next time you start it you'll see upcoming scheduled train times customized for you with no more clicking.
Bullet and express trains are highlighted and the full time table for the whole week and weekend can be browsed without connecting to the internet.

This is version one, if you find any problems or have requests for it to do something it doesn't then email me and I'll see if I can get it in the next update.

Updated for March 2nd Schedule Change - This will appear as a free update to existing users.


Unknown said...

HI its cool.
I have downloaded ur source code of clock widget.
You have displayed time on front part.
No i want to display few things in lint with scrollbar Can you please suggest for the same?

EricF said...

Has the app been updated to reflect the Caltrain schedule changes effective March 2nd, 2009?

Neil Cochrane said...

Yes, it is updated for the March 2nd change. Apple approved the updated App on Wednesday, it should be appearing as a free update to existing users.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...
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Sergey Cherkis said...

Great app, nice interface, WRONG train time-table.

Neil Cochrane said...

Sergey - The app was discontinued months ago and it should not be available for download int the App store. The time table was correct up to the discontinuation.
Where and when did you download it?

However, thanks for the other nice compliments.

Anonymous said...

This was a nice app. Thinking about releasing it again?

Neil Cochrane said...

I'd love to update it but since writing the app I've had a kid which has resulted in me no longer riding Caltrain myself and I no longer have anytime to do any development.

I'm willing to donate the code to someone to continue it, but note that Apple want $100 to be part of the development program, and that making $100 back on this is actually quite hard.

Tom said...

Hi Keilly,
MyCaltrain was the best schedule app by far. Offline access, personalized station lists, smooth navigation. In fact, I still use it and have just memorized which trains have been discontinued!

Having just bought a mac and gotten xcode up and running, I'm interested in trying my hand at iPhone development. Updating your app would seem to be a fun starter project that would also be useful to a broader community.

If your offer to share the code still stands, please drop me a line. Hopefully my info will be shared with you when I make this post.

Neil Cochrane said...

Good News, It's Back!

Wendy Ju has taken the time to update the app with the new timetable and add a nicer icon.

Get it here:

Neil Cochrane said...

(Tom, your email details didn't come through with your post. Hope you get the update via the messages here)

jinalsampat said...

Hi Keilly,

This app can be extremely helpful. The only request would be to update the time table as the schedule on the map doesn't match with the schedule on the app.

Thanks a lot,