Keilly: MyCaltrain back on sale!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

MyCaltrain back on sale!

I've reposted the MyCaltrain iPhone app to the app store and updated the schedule due to popular request - depending on your definition of popular - it's currently undergoing Apple review and if it passes it should be available in a few days.

If you like it, please take the time to give it a nice review.



Anonymous said...

First noticed availability via update on the phone. When I went to update, Apple said "no longer available"... Came and went pretty quick?

Neil Cochrane said...

Yep, there's a problem with the San Jose times, so I pulled it. We have to wait for Apple to approve the update with the San Jose times included - usually takes a week or so.

Anonymous said...

Great, thanks! (I was scared Apple arbitrarily decided Caltrain schedules were copyrighted or some other crap...)

Arnt said...

great to hear that it will come back. I was a little shocked when I could not download it anymore.
It is by far the best caltrain app I know (yes, I will post a review in iTunes once it is back up). I would even be willing to accept some ads in the app if it helps you to make some $ out of it.

Arnt said...

oh wait, think I got the year wrong. Will it come back in October 2010?