Keilly: Create other word lists for the Word Finder widget

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Create other word lists for the Word Finder widget

These are instructions on how to use other languages or dictionaries with my Word Finder widget.

Requirements: Your word list in a file, one word per line, saved to the desktop.

Part A - Format your list...

- Download this file to the Desktop.
- Open Applications/Terminal
- 'cd Desktop'
- 'perl yourWordListName'

You should see the wheels turning and 14 word lists will be produced, one for each word length.

Part B - Replace my word lists with yours...

- Download my widget to the Desktop
- Right click and select 'Show package contents'
- Open the 'Bingo' folder to see my lists.
- Drag those to the Trash and drag in yours from the Desktop
- Double click on the widget file and it should load into Dashboard ready to go with your word list.

(Your widget now lives in 'Your Home/Application Support/Widgets')

If you make a Widget with other useful lists or languages then mail me and I'll host it here.


Jérémie said...


Thx for the program, works great but i'm trying to get the perl script to work with my file and didn't seam to work well. I just got a whole buch of empty files named, 2Letters .. 15Letters.txt.

Can you help?


Neil Cochrane said...

Please email me the file and I'll take a look.

Unknown said...

I cannot get the file to work either.

Neil Cochrane said...

Jeremie had a problem with the line terminators used in his file.
Check your file and see if they are the same as the sowpods.txt fle.