Keilly: Dashcode Beta Expired

Monday, July 16, 2007

Dashcode Beta Expired

Looks like Apple made good on their original expiry date for Dashcode Beta. Starting yesterday Dashcode will simply display a dialog saying the beta has expired. Annoyingly, this date was originally set to be after the release of Leopard allowing developers to upgrade the OS and keep working and supporting their widgets. Apple slipped the release of Leopard, but didn't similarly move the Dashcode expiry date.

Choices now are:
- Upgrade to Apple Select (for $500) and install a pre-release (flaky) version of Leopard.
- Wait patiently till October.
- TextEdit + Safari + Webkit debugger + a big headache.
- Set the date back on your machine while starting Dashcode Beta - this, amazingly, works. You'll have to have downloaded the beta already as it's no longer available on Apple Developer Center.

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